Welcome to my blog. My name is Emma L Clapperton and I am a Scottish based novelist. I have recently published my first novel Beyond Evidence which is based in Scotland, around the Glasgow area and of course the Bonnie Banks of Loch Lomond. The genre that I picked for my novel is apparently classed as a sub genre. In any case, I class it as a Paranormal Crime Thriller.

I decided to begin writing when I was twenty four years old and to be honest, I had absolutely no idea where to start however, I did know what I wanted to write about – the paranormal. But I did not want to open my laptop and start off with a huge haunted castle and throw in some ghosts rattling chains and doors closing on their own. I wanted my work to stand out, I wanted my story to to have the “this could really happen” factor. So, I thought to myself, “How am I going to do this?”  Then I realised, I had to write about what I would want to read about. And so I came up with a very small concept which was simply this; The police request DNA samples from men in the local area after a string of murders. A psychic medium helps the police with their investigations.

That was it, that was all I had.

So, I began to research the paranormal. I asked mediums about their work, I read crime novels, I developed my characters with the help of Jurgen Wolff who has written a wonderful book titled “Your Writing Coach” and then I was ready to start my novel.

I commenced writing in July 2010 and completed writing in April 2012.

It is now on amazon and as well as promoting this one I am in the process of writing my second novel.

This is my first post, I will continue to post once per week and I am looking forward to meeting fellow authors of all genres and of course the readers of any paranormal books out there. I am always looking for a good read so if you have any suggestions…


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